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Recognizing the importance of negotiations in public and private sector individuals and organizations,avoid legal and administrative constraints,increase the satisfaction of the fields with service providers, and more profitable to exiteducation are important to them.
2-6-2012 Special Konya Private Hospital 14 Negotiating the occasion of anniversary of the Professional Educator Op. Dr. Ersin Oguz negotiation and communication for the seminar was organized by the health workers"BE HAPPY PATIENT interest, stronger"Op. Dr. Ersin Oguz, 'the management of patients for health workers, negotiation, problem solving and communication' training seminar was titled. In the hall listened with great interest Dr. seminar. Oguz, medicine, and various issues in his life experiences with his audience shared his findings. Health workers have established eye contact with the patient in communicating with patients, should pay attention to oral communication and sensual communication Dr told. Oguz, "Today, medical techniques and a very developed sense of hastanecilik. Now examine the technique in all sorts of modern medical devices, have opportunities to facilitate our business. However, they become ill patients only for the following unutulmamalıdırki physician or a nurse does not need to resort to. Sometimes I just want to see interest for the come to us, need us. a person who is sick, he does not want to feel alone, someone to deal with it, and the happiness it gives power to care about the patient. For this reason, physicians, healthcare professionals and patients, not just physical illness, mental devotes himself to fulfill the responsibility of being forced to deal with. a for the first time a patient enters the doctor's office kurmuyorsa eye contact, sıkmıyorsa his hand, looking at his face to talk, if you do not communicate with him about anything other than illness fully treated patients is not correct to say that. because people will treat the patient should rely on itself first, yakınlaşmalı him, he himself should ensure that treatment. good health worker knowledge, experience and skills need to be. However, to have compassion for them than ever before and needs. Good to be an employee of a health care need to be compassionate at first. healthy, young, powerful, rich, and so one of the very easy one that everyone loves to love. However, the sick, elderly, weak, poor, it is not easy to love someone. But when you think real love, real affection, you'll see that people can love these people. Grow yourself as a human being can love everyone, "remarks has used.Approximately 2 hour-long seminar, then a private Seljuk Seljuk Konya Private Hospitals Chairman and Hospital Chief Dr. Ahmet New Moon. By Dr. Eyup Cetin. Ersin Oğuz'a program ended with presenting a tile.     
9 to 12 January 2012 for public employees as a'' social life Artvin Importance of Negotiation 'I gave a series of seminars titled.  
December 26, 2012 in the personnel assigned to protect Parliament TBMM  'Negotiation' I gave about the training seminar.    
 24-26 October, it seemed to TAIEX in Sivas, an international workshop on domestic violence prevention ie, the speaker and the session I gave a lecture for the presidency, as well as school counselors.   
TJOD Congress held in Antalya on May 20 in relation to negotiation in dentistry Gynecologysession was the president of a scientific meeting. 
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