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Vaginal Regeneration

Vaginal Regeneration

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“ Vaginal Regeneration Procedure for Functional and Anatomical Disorders ”                                                                                                                         


What is vaginal regeneration? It is a procedure done to renew the functional and structural roles of the vagina which has lost its elasticity due to reasons such as giving birth, being overweight, some operations, menopause, or some personal anatomical forms.

Why is vaginal regeneration necessary? People who would like to prevent problems and discomforts due to inefficiency of the genital organ and have a healthier life need this operation.

Who wants to have this operation more frequently? People who are directly or indirectly affected by the looseness in the vagina, due to giving birth, overweight and menopause may need it more frequently.

Does looseness of the vagina only affect sexual life? Lots of ailments such as permanent lumbago, fluid (akıntı) urinary and gastric (?)  complaints, depression and annoyance related to nervous system, headaches and some other various complaints may result from vaginal looseness directly or indirectly.

Where can vaginal regeneration be done? As the procedure is local, it can easily be done in office conditions. However, for the patients suffering from severe heart problems, diabetics and blood pressure diseases, the operation had better be in a hospital.

What is the anatomical function of the vagina? Vagina and its surrounding tissues prop up (support) genital organs, the end point of the large intestine and urinary bladder as well.

What is the effect of regeneration procedure to anatomical functions of the vagina? Hanging (sarkma) of the urinary bladder prevents the formation of systoles and the looseness of the back wall of the vagina prevents rectosell. In a way, we can say that this procedure is a protective for the genital organs against the possible looseness and hangs (sarkıntı) in the future.

What is the physiological role of the vagina?  It enables to crutch the penis. It is the channel for the birth and drainage for the blood in the menstrual period.

What sort of malfunctions occurs in the organ, when the organ is not elastic enough? Depending on the level of looseness, hangings (sarkıntı) and some other problems related to this occur. Moreover, we can say that there is a loss of sexual comfort like unwillingness or displeasure both in male and female due to problems with crutching the penis.

What is the purpose of vaginal regeneration? The main purpose is to increase the crutching ability of the vagina and have a desired sexual comfort. Furthermore, another aim is to protect the female against hangings (sarma) of womb likely to occur in further years.

How do you choose the suitable patient for vaginal regeneration? First of all, a meeting is held with the person who thinks she and her husband have sexual discomfort due to vaginal enlargement. If the person is suitable, the procedure is planned.

How is vaginal regeneration done? The enlarged areas or the ones which lost their normal anatomical structure are determined upon the clinical analysis of the tissues.


What sorts of preparations are made before the procedure? During the examination before the procedure, the possible infections, fluid (akıntı) or constipation problems are determined so as not to cause other difficulties after the procedure.



When is regeneration done? One week after the end of menstrual period is the right time. We don’t recommend doing regeneration in very busy and active terms of the patients.


Is it necessary to rest after the procedure? It is recommended to stay in bed for 1 day, not to lift heavy weight and strain for 1 week, and not to have sexual intercourse for 1 month.

How is dressing and caring done? Pursuant to procedure, the patient can do her dressing and care herself at home easily. The doctor makes the control examination after 1 month. The material used during the procedure blends and disappears. Thus, there’s no need to remove stitches.

Are there any complications of the procedure? Bleeding and infection are possible problems in any kind of procedure. However, if the patient takes the pills regularly, does the care and doesn’t ignore the advices, no such complications are seen.

Does excessive tightness occur after the procedure and does it lead to pain during the sexual intercourse? No, during the procedure surgical and technical controls are made in every stage and the specialists don’t allow for tightness in the vagina.

How long does the procedure last? How long is it necessary to stay in the clinic? It lasts 45-60 minutes, and then staying in clinic for 1 hour is O.K.

How long after the procedure, does sexual intercourse start? 1 month after the procedure patients are allowed to have sexual intercourse.

How long does the efficiency of the procedure continue? The efficiency of the procedure is permanent. However, in the case of new anatomical changes in the patient such as normal vaginal birth, putting on weight the patient should be checked.

Is it possible to give birth after the procedure? Yes, but the doctor should be informed about the regeneration before the birth.

Does it ache during the operation? The sensitivity of that area is reduced via a coolant and a hypodermic injection is given to prevent local pain. There’s no pain during the procedure.

Does it ache after the operation? Yes, little pain is felt but usual pain killers will reduce it.

Who does this procedure? This is a medical surgical procedure; every stage of it is done by a specialist experienced in aesthetic gynecology.

Can regeneration be done to anybody willing? No, this procedure is done only to persons who are found to be appropriate in pre-assessment examination.

Can this procedure be called only the tightening of the vagina? No, other soothing procedure is done to persons who have pain during sexual intercourse due to tightness of vagina.

Is this a common operation?  Yes, there is coherence between socio-economic level and this operation. Though lots of women and their husbands need for such an operation, they don’t talk about it, they even hesitate to consult a doctor.

Do the insurance companies reimburse this operation? If the procedure is done due to health reasons, almost all of the private health insurance companies reimburse this procedure as they are in the scope of hangings (sarkma) of the womb, and looseness of the vagina problems.

Is all the above mentioned information valid for everybody? There are some variables in individual anatomical features such as age, frequency of giving birth, and also it differs as to whether the person has systemic illnesses or not. These variables affect the treatment process. The specialist to do this operation informs the patient about the effects of these variables.


               In fact, vaginal regeneration is an operation which lots of couples are willing to have but do not express. Both males and females are aware of the looseness but they don’t confess it to each other.

               As this is quite a private issue, males don’t want to share their wives’ problems with anybody else. On the other hand, females think the current looseness is normal and don’t know this problem can be solved by an operation.

                Nowadays, quite a lot of women request for vaginal regeneration easily, because they search for the perfect. Couples become more harmonious and they have comfortable sexual lives.


             Consequently, what and however the anatomical structure, it should be kept in mind that the most important building stone of a harmonious sexual life is the emotional harmony and love.             




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