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About my medicosocial activities








 Ersin OĞUZ M.D






     As we are in the information age, specialists should improve themsleves to be maximum effective to the patients particularly  about a very sensitive issue like sexuality.

       Im preparing part of İnternational workshop program about ‘Happy families are againist terrorizm and crime’ for NATO.

       Besides the medical occupational congresses gainstaand my publications in medical magazines, I’m currently preparing a Project about ‘Sexual Discomfort Problems and Their Consequences’ for European Union. My aim in this Project is to foster the family structure within Turkey and to emphasize the importance of sexual life for keeping team spirit alive within the family. When the Project finishes, the importance of the family will be emphasized and also it will be understood that a good-quality sexual life between couples will affect the general society positively.

      Besides finding soultions particularly for the postnatal problems occuring around the vagina,   I’ve been conducting a surgical procedure with extremely positive results for the sexual activities of the couples by means of the regeneration of the vagina which is anatomically normal. I still continue my research Project called ‘New Methodsn for the Elimination of Sexual Comfort Disorders’ (Modificie cholpraphyposterior with partialperineoplasty) ”

      I have been study in Thomas Jefferson University, U.S.A at  2005 ,NATO TİPS Washington 2006,and in Penn State University ,Virginia Commenwealth University and Jhon Jay Univercity at 2007.




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