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About my private office procedures,



Ersin OĞUZ M.D


Gynecologist & OB:

 I’m an experienced gynecologist &Obstetrics (All of specific women’s health problem as Pregnancy, menopause. breast, infertility, adolosance, high risk pregnancy, gynecology problems, contraceptions cancer, bleeding endocrinology, etc.)


Laboratory Services: All blood- urine analysis and cultures are done in our clinic and then sent to a laboratory suitable for our patient. We follow up the results of the analysis-culture, evaluate the results and inform our patients via e-mail, phone or fax. We charge minimum fee for this analysis determined by Physician’s Office and finalize the results as soon as possible. Therefore, our patients save remarkable time without going to the laboratory, taking the results and getting back to the clinic.


Agreements with Official and Private Institutions: Thanks to new laws, patients with the social security of Retirement Fund or with private social security’s have the chance to get services like operations and other medical procedures both in diagnosis and treatment stages by paying the residue added on the reimbursement of the Fund. I’ve made a ‘consultant specialist agreement with a university hospital and a well-equipped private hospital in Ankara. I’ve also made another agreement with a private hospital and a private medical center in Istanbul particularly for foreign patients and for other patents in and around Istanbul. I’ve started examinations, surgical operations and procedures there only at weekends. All of our patients can make use of all private insurances.


Contact Details: Especially patients from distant places may ask their questions via e-mail. (drersin@hotmail.com). The e-mails from the patients are replied as soon as possible. If I have time, I also respond to questions by phone. Moreover, you can visit and reach information about health section in my website. You can ask for the address to my assistant when you call for the appointment.


Appointment and Fees: Except for emergency cases, we don’t accept patients without appointment. You can get appointment from 0312-4241536 & 0532 267 46 59. The fees vary depending on the treatment way and procedure but you can ask for the fees when you call for appointment.

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